this program will teach
    how to empower you to remove self-limiting beliefs blocking you from success
    How to get clarity on your truth
    How to act with more confidence in your life
    How to manifest friendships, business relationships and mentors you desire 
    How to create an income that supports your lifestyle 

    This week is all about your perspective with the world. Many times, we think we are living the best life but then we put ourselves in new environments, new surroundings and see how much we are actually limiting ourselves from dreaming to live an even BIGGER life! This week is all about starting to change your perspective to look at your life and see where your subconscious mind is limiting you from manifesting the next level of success.
    Now that you are able to see the great depths the subconscious mind will go to protect you. This week it’s all about creating new habits that empower you to live into the next evolution of success in your life! Not the habits of Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg or Tony Robbins, even though those habits created success for them each of you will have different unique habits that will remove your individual limiters. This week is all about empowering you to live a life with more fun, success and abundance!
    This week is about removing the illusion of fear. Many times, people say but Colleen you have no fears or life just seems to work for you. Simply this is not true I use an exercise called “Connecting the Dots” this guides you to start to act from courage instead of fear! This empowers you to releasee fear and to start acting from love. When you choose to act from love it creates powerful courage where you create HUGE shifts in your life and always create beyond impossible results in every area of your life because you are taking MASSIVE risks that feel good and align with your truth.
    Many people say to themselves:
    “Oh, but that will never become true”
    “That is so much work”
    “I’ve tried that before and it hasn’t worked”
    Well of course if that is your mindset with your dreams how are you going to be accountable?
    What if you had to evolve yourself to become a higher version of yourself so you are accountable to new responsibilities? This week you start to become accountable to implement systems in your life that empower your conscious and subconscious to implement your new habits, new mindset and new life consistently. This week is starting to powerfully show up to be the human who is removing limiters and acting with love so you become responsible to a new levels of leadership so your dreams start to manifest in all areas of your life.
    The number one way to block success, more abundance, creating more time and having everything you want to come true is when you are maxing out the number of people you can service. There is always a next layer of service we can provide to others. Here I dive deep into how to create a larger impact, solve a bigger problem and be of a bigger service with your business, your life or just by being you in the world so you can receive more at a greater level.
    This week is all about creating new levels of standards of what you are willing to tolerate in order to create the next level of success, income and freedom you desire. In order to transform your life, you want to start evolving your lifestyle to first class, regular self-care, releasing control that allows others to serve you to free up your time to start doing larger things of service for others. When you create standards you naturally create self-care boundaries of respect, you start to only tolerate world-class service and you start to be around the leaders you have always desired to be around.
    The quickest way I have gotten all my success is the environments I put myself around. In this week I go into small steps you can start to put yourself in better environments with people that have more success than you. I start to give your ideas and actual solutions of how you can get around the leaders you admire very, very easily. If you really want to transform your life you get to be around people you admire, you get to be around leaders that are making an impact, so their mindset rubs off on you. You always want to be around expansive environments that empower you and guide you to grow.
    This week is all about guiding you to go through all of these steps over and over and over to keep calling in the next layer of success, love, abundance, truth and service into your reality, so you are living a beyond the impossible life, every day. This week is where you now see the foundation you have built to manifest things on a daily, weekly, yearly and even longer-term goals. This week will be all about pulling into reality your deepest vision, mission and lifestyle that allows you to live with all the freedom you desire.
    I am a childhood cancer survivor, I travel the world, I impact tens of thousands of people while living my dream lifestyle! But you see my life wasn’t always this way… When I was diagnosed with cancer at age 14, there was a moment in time I saw a Dad yell at a Mom saying,
    I didn’t know it at the time but in that moment two things imprinted in my mind

    1. That you must have money in order to have love
    2. You must have money, so you won’t die

    As a result, from a very young age I subconsciously put myself around not very nice guys or friends because I thought that since I wasn’t making money I didn’t deserve to have love…

    This led to me going to Michigan State University where I started having internships every year since the age of 17 where I was making $1,000s (which was a lot of money at that time). I ended up graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and went to work for a $23 billion company as a Sales Engineer….

    Well I wanted to be this feminist in this male dominated field and it was my dream to move outside of Michigan.
    So, with that company I lived in Arizona, Texas and Maryland getting promotions all within 2.5 years.
    But see the more and more money I was getting the more unhappy I getting…

    Well my dream was to live internationally, but the company told me I would have to wait 5 years and I would of been like 28… I was like WOAH

    Well in my personal life I started using drugs, I was in an emotionally abusive situation and I remember leaving a key account talking about 5-year product line plan and I was balling….

    I came home sat on my blue couch and was like this cannot be my life, like I am going to kill myself if I keep this up…. Regardless of how much money I am making….
    & since my dream was to live internationally as I was sitting there balling it came to me to Google International visas, because America doesn’t make it seem like it’s that easy to move internationally due to the culture here with visas…
    So I Googled VISAS and up came New Zealand $20 for a 1 year visa…

    So I applied got accepted within 24 hours and I committed I was going to save for 3 months and move…
    Well every single say for those 3 months I had anxiety attacks:
    * What if this doesn’t work
    * What if I fail

    I did it because I was more committed to my dreams than the illusion of fear it wouldn’t work out…
    So, three months later off I moved to New Zealand and within 4 weeks I manifested a job with a $400 million company traveling all over the USA and New Zealand…
    I started to do yoga and meditation and got up to 300 hours and realized wow…

    Look at the beautiful life I manifested so quickly….
    So, I thought surely there must be something more I can do in this world…

    So I saw this Entrepreneur Retreat in Fiji with all New Zealanders..

    I remember I messaged them saying,
    “Is it okay if an American comes?,”
    I didn’t get a reply but I just booked it!”
    I get there, and I am around multi-millionaires and I was like what on earth am I doing here! I am just trying to spread some love in the world! I remember I went to the ocean to take a picture to calm my nervous system and behind the sun was a heart. See the picture below!
    So, I knew I had to go all in at this point, the world was waiting for me! So I saved for 1 month, left my job with $5K in my savings account and said I am going to build an online business form the ground up while I travel the world! 

    That was in January 2018!

    Since then I have been around the world 2 times

    My book Live Your Truth came up February 2018

    I have 4 programs.

    I am on podcast, online summits and speaking events now.

    I have been to numerous conferences and invested around $65K in personal development and online businesses!

    However, there have been so many times of
    * Doubt
    * Fear
    * Anxiety
    * Worry
    * Unsureness

    So, I have created this 8 week Colleen Gallagher Badass Evolutionary Mindset Program.